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Born in 1979 Sander Kuiper aka Sander Bottaio was always playing with stereo stuff when he was just a kid, fooling around with amps, cassette decks and vinyl.

Sander Bottaio started dj-ing when he was 16 years old buying all sorts of house music, acid, club, trance, hardcore and techno.
At that time he plays at friends parties, local schools and other small parties.

In 2012 Sander switched to playing techno music and soon he got his first gig playing at a local venue called Life 072.
2014 was a great year for Sander, won a dj contest for The Bus party organisation, hosting and playing at multiple online radiostations and throwing his own party called Afterhours.


Won the opening act for Woodlands festival in 2015, got residency for a new party organisation called De Feestvennootschap and started his new podcast called Eventhorizon.


In 2016 Sander Bottaio got connected with a dj group called De Zaanse Kans and got the opportunity to play at the Wooferland Festival.


Sander Bottaio and Mariluz with their Eventhorizon held the first party called Spontane Aktie together with the organisation of WE-R, in december of 2016 Eventhorizon had it's second very succesfull party called A Love Thing.


2017 will be a year where Sander Bottaio and Mariluz have some nice plans with Eventhorizon and will throw more parties and seeking more collabs with other organisations.



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